Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Nerf War--Thanks Woodwards!

Well christmas morning we woke up full from the gynormus dinner we had the night before and we opened up our christmas presents. Thanks to the Woodward family we had a bunch of presents to open! 
My companion was pretty excited. We ate ice cream for breakfast and then had an extreme Nerf War for our exercise at 6:30 in the morning. 
Just thought I'd send a few pictures of the great WW3: America vs Chile! 
Thank you so much for all the love and the support we can really feel it and taste it. :

We had a huge Christmas Eve dinner with Sister Virjel this week.  She cooked for the whole office and my companion and I.  We woke up very full Christmas morning we ate so much food. So we just ate ice cream  for breakfast...because it was Christmas haha! 
This is a picture of our Missionary Christmas Party.
For our christmas activity we watched "The Cokeville Miracle" with the President and all the Elders in Barranquilla. Then we listened to a lot of Christmas miracle experiences from all the Elders.  

Our christmas miracle was a man we found on Christmas.  I wrote about it in my journal, but I forgot to take a picture so I'll send it to you next week. 

It was super cool to see you guys!  Braden sounds like he is trying to talk super manly or something. ; )  When did he get that deep voice?? I've only been gone 6 months.  

I hope you guys are doing good. I'm super jealous you have tons of snow!

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