Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm training!

We had transfers this week.  I got a new companion.  My last companion, Elder Trans..., went to Valencia.  He was hoping to go to a different city, but he's just in another part of this city.  He is now a district leader.  

My new companion is Elder Ramirez.  I'm training now!  He's only been in the mission for 5-6 days.  He's really excited.  He loves the mission.  He loves learning about English.  Super awesome, super humble. This week has been really awesome. The lessons have changed a lot.  We feel the same things.  We get a long really well. He's from Peru. 

We had a couple of very cool experiences.  One was with a brother who is very interested in the things about the Lord.  His life is really hard right now, but he looks for answers from the scriptures and going to church.  He came with us to church this week.  It was really awesome.  He still has a lot of doubts, but we are still working with him. 

We had a lot of fruits (new people they are teaching) that came to church with us this week. We had a ton of people come, a lot of less active that have not come in 6 weeks, the whole time I have been here, but this week they just came!  We didn't even have to go pick them up.  One sister, is getting baptized the 24th of this month.  She's accepting everything really fast.  This week was pretty awesome.
I'm training!  Here's my new missionary Elder Ramirez from Peru.
La Cucaracha
Here it is wintertime, and it's definitely not as bad as the summer time, but it's still really warm, pretty hot and humid.  It's not that bad.  When my new companion got here he was dying from the heat.  He tells me every 5 minutes that it's really hot outside. He's always sweating.  I think it's really funny.

I guess it's been awhile for me, so I don't think it's that bad.  He also tells me there is a ton of mosquitoes.  I have never felt a mosquito, but he's got bites all up his legs and arms.  He thinks it's from the house.  I'm not really sure it is.

Training is so awesome!  I love training.  I love teaching.  The time has gone so fast.  It seems like just yesterday when I got here. My first day, my trainer was making fun of everything I did.  It funny but mostly pretty annoying.  Now it's my turn. haha, so I can do that.  We literally run from lesson to lesson, doing funny things.  Training is awesome, I'm really excited now!

I'm super jealous you all got to go skiing! And I'm super jealous about the snowfall over Christmas.  Looks like Tamarak was awesome.  That is one of my favorite places to ski.  It was one of the best days of skiing I've ever had, the first time I went there. I definitely miss the snow.

Love you guys,
Elder Burk

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