Monday, December 14, 2015

The Savior said, give all you have to the poor and follow me

I showed my companion the picture of me as a littlin with the missionary plaque.  He laughed, thought it was pretty awesome. His name is Elder Troncoso. He's from Chile.  He's 20 years old, likes soccer, girls, and fast food--very typical Chilean.  He's a little trunky, so I'm having to be a little more strict with him but its all good!  

We cleaned the house today for three hours.  Mom, I thought of you the whole time.  I had to help Elder Troncoso learn how to clean up to Mama Burk expectacions. ha ; )  He really cares for the people. He has been a member all his life but he was less active from 10 to 16 years old.  He got reactivated by his seminary teacher.  

I loved the picture  you sent of Logan, that was awesome. hahaha When I saw Elder Marecos the first time was in Malambo (a part of my old zone) but when I got transferred I didnt get a picture with him.  Now he's in my district! those two look so much alike. Crazy.

Being here has made me think about Christmas.  We got your package with the candy and the music and the videos and decorations.  Don't worry, I didn't open the letters, but we did decorate the house. Pretty awesome! Thanks for those!  Christmas here doesn't really feel like Christmas at all. It's hot.  And pretty much nothing changes except there's lots of fireworks.  In the big super markets you hear Christmas music and the rich people have decorations but there's not much else.  I think it's pretty awesome, though, minus the lack of Christmas music.  There's not a single kid begging for a bunch of plastic toys. I think I'm gonna make my family like that.  No commercial Christmas. They won't know the difference until later.  

Message and challenge for Christmas: 
mateo 10 39 El que halla su vida, la perdera; y el que pierde su vida por causa de mi, la hallara. 

The message is really simple. We hear it all the time. Just like when the Savior told the rich man who wanted to be saved, leave all his riches to the poor and follow him, but then he didn't do it. 

We read all sorts of stuff like this but we never apply it.  How many families in the ward could actually not do a commercial Christmas for their kids??  We have the thought to spoil all our kids with toys on Christmas and have them give little thought for others.  But do we really have the love them enough to not buy them a bunch of crap? Could we actually do it? os digo que si. 

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that wisdom is when we apply everything that we know.  We know the gospel.  God is just waiting for us to apply it.  My challenge for you guys and all the other families in Shafer View is to put their conversion to the test.  Don't buy a big Christmas for your kids.  Instead, help them buy things to give to others in need.  Love them enough to help them grow.  They will remember it way longer then a piece of plastic. 

The blue book is true!  Read it!  
Amen Gloria a Dios. Haleluja. 

Elder Burk


That's pretty funny about Spencer missing his choir concert. Oops!  Tell him about when I was in 6 grade and had an F in choir, 36 percent and I got it up to a B in two weeks. Don't worry about it, middle school doesn't count for anything anyway. Wish somebody would've told me that back then.  haha.   

And Braden has lots of tries for the ACT hahaha.  He'll get it.  I had to try it three times!  Maybe you should just make him pay for it the next time. That was the only reason I finally studied hahaha. 

I can't really take pictures while were proselyting.  Sorry about that, but I'll try to get something this week. 

Love you guys!

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