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August 22 Homework for Mom

August 22, 2016

Phillip Burk

Aug 22
to me
Ok Mom, I have a homework assignment for you. so in preach my gospel ch 10 there's a part that talks about the importance of questions when we teach. We're working on this a lot right now and it's something we want to teach the zone. Could you do some research in google to think of a list of inspired questions that make people think in the lessons we teach? or if you and dad could think of a few. we want to have lots of examples before we do it. it would help a lot. thanks mom your the best!!

I did my homework--A+

Mc Burk

AttachmentsAug 28
to Phillip
Dear Elder Burk the Zone Leader,

Because I love you, I worked extra hard on my homework assignment!  

First I googled and found a very cool article that you should read before you teach this questions lesson to your zone.  I sent that in a separate email, both copied in the body as well as attached as a document. Great information about the importance of questions.

Then I read the whole lesson in Preach My Gospel.  One night I called the local missionaries and talked about it with them.  Then I read all of the missionary pamphlets online, and came up with lots of my own questions for each topic.  
I typed everything up, then added the questions they have in the study section of each pamphlet.  

When I was done, I took my 4 page document, and copied it into Google Translate so I could send you a Spanish copy.  Ha!  It might be totally wrong, but at least I tried!  

So, you'll see 4 attachments.  2 in English, and 2 in Spanish.  I sent you a PDF of each version--easy to just print.  But I also sent you the Word document in each language so you can edit it and make it look like what you want for your training.  

There are SO many fun ways to teach this class!  And LOTS of opportunities for role playing.  I wish I could come help teach!  Have so much fun with your missionaries.  This is really one of the most awesome communication lessons ever.  If you learn how to ask people the right questions, you'll be able to get people to do just about anything.  This is a life long lesson!  *Seriously, I use this every day.  Just last week I asked 50+ parents to serve at Mary Mac in the classroom, as art parents, on the PTO board, etc.  And most of them said yes!  It's always about how you ask the question. It's truly magical. 

Hope this is helpful.

You're the very coolest!



Preach My Gospel: Chapter 10  “Ask Questions”

VERY IMPORTANT:  Questions should be asked AFTER gospel principles are taught.
 First teach truth, then ask questions to find out if they understood what you taught. 
If needed, re-teach.  Then re-ask more questions, until you know they understand the lesson. ALWAYS: Think about the wording of your question BEFORE you ask it

**Don’t ask yes or no questions.  Ask open ended questions instead.  These type of questions give investigators and members a chance to think and talk about what they have learned. 

Don’t:  Do you think God Loves you?
Do:  What does it mean to you when I say, “Your Father in Heaven loves you.”

Don’t: Do you believe Joseph Smith saw God?
Do: How does knowing that God and Jesus visited Joseph Smith, make you feel?

Don’t:  Are Prophets really men of God?
Do:  Why would God want to call Prophets on this earth?

Don’t: Do you keep the Sabbath Day Holy?
Do:  Why would God want his children to make the Sabbath a special day?

Don’t:  Do you think we should pay our tithing?
Do: Why would God ask members of his church to live the law of tithing?

Don’t: Is it important to get married?
Do: Why would God teach us that being married is important?

Don’t: Did you read the Book of Mormon this week?
Do: When during your reading of the Book of Mormon, did you feel the spirit this week?

Don’t: Is it important to serve one another?
Do: How does serving/helping other people, help us feel closer to our Heavenly Father?

Don’t: Should all men be obedient?
Do:  Why do you think God would teach us that obedience is the first law of heaven?

Don’t:  Is there a purpose to life?
Do:  What is the purpose of life?

Group Activity Idea:   Practice writing questions—then edit together.
Introduce a topic.  Have everyone write down 2-3 questions for that topic.
Edit the questions together.
As a group work to modify the questions and make them open ended.
If it’s a yes or no question, how do you reword it to be an open ended question.

Think: If I ask this question, what can I expect for the answer?
Does the question help you learn more about them spiritually?
What information will you learn when they answer?

Example Questions by Pamphlet/Topic:

The Restoration

How do you feel about your family?
If you feel loving feelings for your family, how do you think Heavenly Father feels about you?
What might make you believe that God loves all of his children?
If I told you that God has a prophet on earth that speaks for him, would you want to know what he has to say?
What reason do you think God would have for calling a Prophet to speak for him on earth?
Why do you think it was important for Jesus to create God’s church while he lived on earth?
How is Jesus an example to you?
How should we live if we are disciples of Christ?
What do you understand the word apostasy to mean?
When have you prayed and asked God for help? 
As we share the experience Joseph Smith had, what type of feelings did you have?
Why would it be important to God to restore His Priesthood of God on earth?
How can the Priesthood, God’s power on earth, help you?
When we teach that Jesus appeared to God’s children on other continents after he died, What impact does it have for you?
If the people who saw Jesus appear to them in your continent wrote down their testimonies, would you want to read it?

From the pamphlet:
What does it mean to you that God is your Heavenly Father?
What is the role of a prophet? Why is it important to know that God speaks to prophets?
What does it mean to have priesthood authority? How does someone receive this authority?
What happens when that authority is lost?
Did Jesus’s Apostles know that an apostasy would occur?
What does it mean to you that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through Joseph Smith?
What is the Book of Mormon? How is it a witness of Joseph Smith’s calling as a prophet?
What is the role of the Holy Ghost?

The Plan of Salvation

Where did we come from?
Why are we here on earth?
What is the purpose of life?
Where are we going after this life is over?
What does the Plan of Salvation or God’s Plan mean for you?
How can you know what we are teaching is true?
How will the Holy Ghost teach you truth?

From the pamphlet:
What was your relationship with God before you were born?
What was the Fall?
Why was the Fall necessary?
What is the purpose of your life here?
How could this knowledge affect the decisions you make each day?
What is the Atonement?
How can the Atonement help you in your daily life?
What is the Spirit world? What happens there?
What does it mean to be resurrected? 
Who will be resurrected?
Why is Resurrection important?
What is heaven?  Why are there different levels of glory?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

What can you tell me about faith?
How have you seen faith play a role in your life?
Have you seen an example of faith in the lives of others?
What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?
What is repentance?
Why do we need to repent?
How do we repent?
How does repenting draw us closer to God?

From the pamphlet:
What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?
What does it mean to have faith?
How can faith give you strength?
What does it mean to repent?
Why does everyone need to repent?
Why does everyone need to be baptized?
What is the Holy Ghost?
How can the Holy Ghost bless your life?
What is the purpose of the sacrament?
What does it mean to endure to the end?


If God blessed us with a mortal body, how did he tell us to treat it?
If we think of our body as a gift, how would God like us to take care of it?
Why would God want us to be married?
Why did God want Adam and Eve to have children?
What benefit do children have that have a Mother and a Father?

From the pamphlet:
What does it mean to keep the law of Chastity? Why is this law so important?
How can you gain the strength you need to keep the law of chastity?

Tithing and Fast Offerings

In the Old Testament, we learn about Tithing. Why would God want his church to pay tithing?
How will paying tithing bless our lives?
What blessings are promised to those who pay their tithes and offerings?
How do Fast Offerings care for other people?

From the pamphlet:
Why is tithing important?
What blessings come from paying tithing?
How can you help the poor and needy?

Word of Wisdom

Why would God give us commandments about what to feed our body?
How do you feel when you eat healthy?
What does regular exercise do for you?
What happens to your mind and decision making skills, when you stay away from alcohol?
How will your body function when fueled with good things?
How does tobacco affect your breathing?
What do you think when we say, “If you take good care of your body—keep the word of wisdom, God will bless you with health, wisdom, and protection from the destroyer.”
What did God put on this earth for us to eat and drink?
Why would God provide us with fruits, herbs, vegetables, and meat?
Who created our body?
If God is the creator of our body, then who has the best advice on how to maintain it properly?

From the pamphlet:
Why must I be careful about what goes into my body?
What spiritual and temporal blessings can come from obeying God’s commandments for my health?
How will the Lord strengthen me when I am tempted?

Learning and Serving in the Church

How is serving our neighbor, a help to God?
If you serve in a calling at church, how does it help to strengthen the whole ward?
Why should we read from the scriptures daily?
How does learning about God and his plan for us change the decisions we make?
When we love and serve others, how do we feel about them?
How can helping other people make us feel better?
How do you feel when we say, “By serving others, you are actually serving God?”

Families and Temples

Why did God give us families?
How are families important?
What does it mean to you when we say, “You will live with your family forever.”
If you knew that you could be together with your spouse and children in heaven by following God’s commandments, how would it change the way you live?

What are some questions that would help you find out if there are things that your investigators are struggling with?   Look at PMG 185—personal activity

How do your friends/family feel about you studying with the Mormon missionaries?
Have you shared with people at work that you are meeting with the missionaries?
What comments have your co-workers/neighbors made about your study of the Book of Mormon? Of the LDS church?
Have your parents/spouse/family seen positive changes in you since you have been coming to church or meeting with the missionaries?
Tell us what it’s like to work with people that are still smoking/drinking when you are trying to quit?

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