Monday, August 31, 2015

I only have 15 min...

Ok, this week was kinda crazy.

We had transfers and only one zone leader.  So my companion and I were helping him get all the new people to their houses and stuff.  Our district leader got transferred to Santa Marta and my companion is now our district leader.  So I am going to have a lot of exchanges.  Having had one day with the zone leader, I've decided that doesn't look fun.  He seriously had to send like a billion forms!  Half of our district got transferred.  The new people are a lot quieter.  We have one trainer with a brand new missionary.

We had a crazy p-day today, so I only have like 15 minutes to write.  I hope you got the picture.  Sorry.  next week I will try to get more.  The pictures are of the new zone.  Our new zone leader is Elder Slack, from Utah.

Tonight we have two family home evenings with mixed families of less actives and nonmembers.  We have three investigators that we are working really hard for, but they all need help to build their testimonies.  We are working with the ward to get some more activities to help with that.  We talked with some stake leaders to have a training with the ward leaders to help them understand how to do ward council.  Hopefully they learn a lot!

Love you all!
Elder Burk

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