Monday, August 10, 2015

First place crazy goes to...

The people are the best thing about a mission.  I love the culture.  I'm learning that the gospel is pretty simple and easy, if we live every part of it.

This week was a little slow.  We had to define several people that weren't progressing.  (Define-means we tell them we can't keep teaching them because they aren't progressing and there are other people that need to hear the gospel.)  That was kind of sad.

We had an exchange this week with the district leaders.  Elder Cortez, from Mexico came to our area and went with my companion.  I went with Elder Adrade from El Salvador.  He's super good at futbol.

The people here are really friendly.  Everyone is very open and talks to us in the street.  Except one guy this week, who wins first place crazy of the week.  So on splits with Elder Adrade, after we went to lunch, we were walking down this dirt road next to a park, and this guy looked right at us.  He jumped straight up in the air and ran to grab two big cement chunks.  Then he ran in the middle of the road in front of us.  He started yelling and screaming and shouting death threats at us.  That was pretty weird.  The whole street was staring at him, and that's unusual, because usually, people don't ever care about what's going on.  But the whole street was watching him.  He started clapping the rocks over his head about 20 feet from us, and told us he wanted to kill us.  Elder Andrade said he'd never seen the guy before, so he was really confused.

Then this guy who was 20 feet behind us started yelling at the crazy dude.  He walked out from behind us, went straight up to the crazy guy, and got up in his face.  Then he took the rocks and threw them on the ground.  Then he pushed him and told him to go away.  And he did.  Not in a straight line...  The buff guy yelled at him, then walked us out of the park, and said the dude was a major drug addict and had lots of problems.

The winner for second place for this week's crazy contest goes to the kid that had a clothes pin for an earring.
Third place is the guy that is 30 YEARS older than his wife.
Bienvenidos a Colombia!

I miss real meat. I miss my music, and I miss fresh air.
Elder Burk

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