Monday, August 24, 2015

I feel like I have been Dear Johned

The boys wrote to Mason and told him that we sold his white truck this week.  This was his sad reply: 
"I feel like part of my heart died when I read about the truck.  
I feel like I have been Dear Johned.  Wow.  
Some people get dumped by girls.  
My truck left me. 
Don't let the dogs die!"
Este Semana: 
This week was pretty awesome! We had our last district meeting of the transfer.  We think our district leader is going to be transferred, because he has 8 months in this area.  So that's kind of sad.  We won't know for sure until 9:00 pm tonight.  That's when they call the missionaries and tell them if they're staying or going or what.  I can't wait to hear the changes this week.  I think my companion may become the new district leader!

Noche Blanca:
This Saturday we had a noche blanca.  Everyone in our Zone brought their investigators that are ready for baptism to the same building to have a big service.  At first, I didn't like the idea, because I thought it would take away form the special ness of each person.  But it actually turned out to be a lot better.  When it's just one person, the program is kind of just made up on the spot.  But with this Noche Blanca, we had about 100 people there to watch, and 6 people were baptized between our zone.  One of the members of the stake presidency came to conduct the meeting.  It was really cool.  My companion and I had two investigators get baptized.  Their names are Andrea and Angie de Avila.  They are sisters.  They were definitely ready for baptism.  We have been working with their family for a long time.  They were one of the first lessons I had when I arrived in this area.
 Their mom is also working towards baptism.  She just needs to separate from the father of the kids don't like him very much and he is cousins with the Mom.  (awkward...)
The sisters were baptized by their uncle who came all the way from Bogota to baptize them.  It's a really long drive.  He's the second councilor in his ward.  You could definitely see the difference in their countenance afterward.  SO awesome!  We've been trying to describe the Holy Ghost for a long time, but now they finally understand.  
The church building we went to was in a richer area, so they had a nice weighted keyboard.  I played and sang "I Believe in Christ" in Spanish and English for a musical number.  It's the first time I've played anything in almost two months.  It turned out alright.  (First gig on the mission wat wat.  Pretty cool!)

Smell and See:

Ok, if you're standing in the middle of the street, this is what you see:  EVERYTHING is made of cement.  The street, the sidewalk, the walls, the houses, etc.  There's trash on the side of the road in big piles all over.  You can smell an open sewer a half mile away.  There's tons of people walking everywhere with very little clothing.  The power lines are a tangled mess.  You can smell fried meat of every kind, mixed with garbage and sewer.  IF you're still in the road at this point, you're dead, because everyone here drives crazy like me.  There's motocars, lots of bullet bikes.  Busses and taxis that look like crappy cars and sound like broken trucks.  And yea, that's pretty much it. 

Ok, I have to go, 
Love you!

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