Thursday, February 4, 2016

My son died, it was a very sad day.

My son was a very sad day.
This was our last moment together before he had to return home.
Mason (on the right) with his zone in front of the church 
This week was pretty crazy.  Lots of stuff happened.

My son, was having lots of problems with his knee. We had to go see the doctor this week.  We've had lots of medical visits--doctor, physical therapist, etc.  They determined that the padding under his knee cap is worn out.  We walk a lot in this mission.  Every 100 meters, he had to stop and take a break, he was hurting all the time.

Thursday we went to the office, and he had an interview with the President.  They came to the conclusion that he wasn't giving his all right now, because he couldn't do everything he needed to because of his knee.  So President said, it would be better if he went home to fix his knee, so he can come back and give his all.  He said that he agreed.

When he came home that day, he was thinking about it all night long.  I was sad too.  It was odd to realize that he would be going home soon.  I was thinking it would be a couple of weeks.  But then on Friday morning, the next day, we were getting ready,  and during personal study we got a call from President that they had arranged a flight and he was going home today.

What?!  My child is going to die?? My son died and went home.  It was the lamest thing ever.  After just a month of living with his father, and now he's dead.  It was so sad.  I was so bumbed.  We hurried and did the whole tie exchange thing, and said our goodbyes.  Then I told him that he was going to come back, and that when he did, I would make sure the President would reassign him back with me, so I could finish training him,  So that's what is going to happen.

I got a new companion, Elder Siona from Lima Peru.  He was serving in a more dangerous part up north.  They don't send white missionaries there, because there are a lot of people that come from Venezuela that like to kill white people.  I don't really know why, but for safety, they only send latinos to that area.  It is a small branch of members.  He was having a lot of stress in that area, so they sent him here with me, to relax a bit in la playa.  So I'm helping him get relaxed, start to feel good in the mission.

This week we finished the lessons for our investigator Silvia, she's round 40-50 yrs old.  She was a referral from a less active, one of his friends from his childhood.  She has loved everything, reads the Book of Mormon everyday.  We have a lot of confidence that she is going to be great at living the gospel.  Her baptism is going to be in 2 weeks.

This week we have Carnival.  It is super crazy.  These Colombians go nuts--they drink, they act crazy, they wear costumes, they throw water balloons at each other filled with paint.  It's just nuts.  So in this mission, we have a week where we are told to stay in the house.  We can't leave during Carnival.  It's weird, I'm not super cool about it, but we are going to do it!  We'll be here reading scriptures, doing lots of pushups, and hanging out with my new companion.

I'm really starting to understand the importance of the little things in life.  I've been thinking about it a lot.  In the mission, this is what we teach more than anything--just do the little things consistently, so you can get ready to handle the big things. The first presidency has been focusing all year on the Sabbath Day.  The reason for that is because so many people are not living it.  I have really come to understand the importance of this day while serving on a mission.  I would really like to invite you guys that you look for the meaning of "Sanctify" and how it applies to the Sabbath day.  Look carefully at what you do on this day, and make sure they are things of the Lord.

I remember having a lot of trouble keeping this commandment as a youth.  But now I understand the importance of making the Sabbath Day different than every other day.  If there is something you could be doing better on Sunday, then make a change.  The first step of repentance is recognize.  I hope that you can all recognize right now something that you can do better.  Repent, come unto Christ, and sanity your Sabbath.  As soon as we learn this, the First Presidency can teach us other things.  Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy is a commandment from the beginning of time. So I would invite all of you to sanctify this day, change your actions, and Love the Lord.

I love you guys.  I hope you have a good week.

Elder Burk

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