Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jan 26, 2016

City Streets in Barranquilla
Mason on the right, with his Zone
Yesterday we couldn't write because the site was down.

Today my companion had a medical appointment.  We went downtown to the city, and to the office.  We haven't been able to get much work done, because he's been having problems with his knee.  While we were downtown we decided to get my companion a voice recorder, because he never has enough time to write everyone on day.  He always complains that the hour is too short to write his family and friends.  It's funny to watch him get so frustrated, because a bunch of people write him, and he never has time to write the whole world back.

I have a bunch of funny videos of him complaining that he can never write to everyone.  So we get back from downtown, we've got his voice recorder, and then we get the message from the District Leader that the site is down and that we can't write our families today. When I told him, he was so mad.  He rolled around on the floor complaining.  He didn't believe me for almost an hour.  We headed out to proselyte, and he finally believed me.  It was pretty funny.

This week we have been visiting Brother Sessa, who is a less active.  We started talking to his brother a couple of weeks ago.  When we met him, we learned he doesn't believe in God.  So we visited with Sessa.  We taught him about the plan of salvation, because he lost a dear friend.  We also talked to him about repentance, the word of wisdom, and he has been progressing a ton.  Just in the two weeks we have worked with him, he's made a big life change.  He's been coming to church.  He said he was actually baptized when he was 15, but after one year, he stopped going. It's been 30 years.  And he's been pretty lost in the world.  Now the lessons are super powerful, super spiritual.  He gets really in to it.  He works really hard.  We're going to keep helping him, and get him to church this Sunday.  We're hoping that through his progression, his brother will want to follow, and come to church and be baptized.

Hermana Silvia is also an investigator.  She was a referral from a less active member.  She loves everything we are teaching her, she doesn't have any doubts.  We've been talking to her about repentance, and helping her receive answers from God.  She will be baptized soon.  Maybe in two weeks.  This week has been pretty good.

I've been helping my companion adapt to mission life.

Love you!
Elder Burk

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