Monday, November 30, 2015

I know that Christ lives

My new apartment is super nice. It's on the third floor. We live kind of far away from where we work but the place is nice. 

 We cook breakfast and dinner we have a lunch contract with a Chinese restaurant. I usually just snack or eat little stuff we only have a stove a fridge and a sink. Nobody here has ovens or microwaves unless they’re rich. But we found the store that is like Costco so we are eating pretty well. I weighed myself this week vie only gained 6 pounds. And we started running in the mornings this week. 
 I’m just studying for the people every day. There’s nothing better to do. I’ve learned that sometimes missionaries try to understand Kolob or Abrahamic covenant or all sorts of complicated stuff but the truth is if anybody tries to tell you they completely understand the concept of faith they are lying or trying to sell you something. We can never learn enough about the first 5 principles of the gospel.  Keep it simple. 
 Here's a house we found made out of a Harry Potter Poster
 My companion is from Santiago Chile. He’s 20 years old he’s been a member all his life but was less active for a long time. He came back to the church because of his seminary teacher who busted his door down to drag him to seminary every day. He’s pretty awesome easy to work with. 

The ward is pretty awesome.  The only bad part is that all of the leaders live in the other area, near the other set of missionaries. We have problems getting people to church because they are all poor and have no transportation.  Sometimes we can rent a bus to get them there, but sometimes it's kind of difficult. There’s a ton of recent converts and less actives. There are a lot of them that don’t have testimonies.  So we have lots of work to do! 
 I know that Christ lives. I know it better then I know that you’re living right now. He came to the world to save every single one of us. Even the people that didn’t want it. He did it not because he had to, but just because he loves us. Christ has charity for every one of us. This means that he not only loves us as we are, but that he loves us for what we can be. He loves us enough to see the potential in every single person. There is nothing more noble that we can do or obtain in this life then to have pure charity for the person next to us. It’s what Christ did and it's what he wants us to do. 

Give my love to everyone.

Elder Burk

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