Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good Bye Elder Flores

This week was kinda slow. Not much happened. Hermano Flores left this morning. It was kinda weird. Because he didn't want to leave, haha poor juancho! 

He just caught a taxi in the morning and left. It was different being in a trio here. It's a lot harder to teach.  You really have to talk less in order for the Lord to speak.  But now that we're back to normal, it's kinda weird too. I really hope he gets reassigned so he can get back out in the field. He's a great missionary with a strong conversion. 
Good Bye Elder Flores! 
Elders: Slack, Cavero, Gonzalez, and Burk
Today for p-day we had a great zone activity planed with Hermano Borjah. He's the stake mission high council member. He works at the army airforce base.  The plan was to go tour the base and take pictures of the planes.  Great idea, right?!  Well, apparently the general was really mad today and we didn't get clearance from the right person.  So we all went there and waited for two and a half hours in the air conditioned lobby and then went home and cleaned our house.  Awesome.  So here's a picture with me Elder Gonzalez, Elder Cavero and Elder Slack (the zone leaders) in front of the Airforce sign that we did not visit! Pretty sweet. 

We had a ton of progress with people coming to church this week.  We had several less actives that came to church after the first visit and without reminders.  Remberto Izquierdo was one of them.  He's 21.  We found him in Prado Soledad. (lejos) His family has been less active for 10 years.  They are fantastic.  I could totally see the dad as a stake president and him as a missionary.  I guess well see what happens!


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