Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hermana Johana de Avila

Well this week were exchanges, or transfers, throughout the mission, but my companion and I stayed right where we are.  In fact, there wasn't a change in my whole district.  This is actually really weird.  But that's ok, because we had a baptism this week!

Hermana Johana de Avila (the Mom of Angie and Andrea that were baptized in August) was baptized this past Saturday!  We've been teaching them for about three months.  The daughters were baptized the 22nd of August, but the Mom wasn't ready.  She's been living with her husband/boyfriend/cousin and was not able to be baptized until her situation changed.  She didn't want to marry him, because there wasn't a lot of love in the family.  And the daughters didn't like him very much.  He has been living in the house.  Then 2 weeks ago, they had a bunch of things happen. 

They were fighting a ton and the mother of Johana (who is also living in the house) called the cops.  They came and kicked the father out of the house.  Then he tried to come back and tell Johana he would marry her so she could be baptized, but she left him out to dry.  Later he tried to commit suicide with pills, but failed.  He was taken to the hospital, and is still alive--thankfully.  But now he is living somewhere else, which is really sad for him.  But Johana feels a ton better.  The family is all living the gospel. After the dad was out of the house, the first thing the girls did was tell their Mom, "You can get baptized now!!"  So she did.  

I'm super proud of this family.  They have sacrificed a lot to be able to be baptized and live God's commandments.  This is a family of true converts.  Herman Johana shared her testimony at the baptism.  It was a really sweet experience.  Elder Cavero baptized her, and I performed the confirmation.  Elder Cavero and I sang a duet of "Abide with Me" at the baptism, in both Spanish and English A Capella.  There were a lot of people squished in that tiny little room.  It was way hot, because there is no air conditioning in that part of the chapel.  
Baptism day for the family de Avila
Johana de Avila on her baptism day with her daughters, Angie and Andrea
Elder Cavero baptized, I performed the confirmation
Our sweet ice cream find--10 Liters. Worth it.
Today we actually had a free day, so Elder Cavero and I found where the street vendors buy their ice cream.  We bought 10 liters of ice cream.  Worth it.  

Spencer--I haven't been robbed yet.  But my companion was robbed in our house once.  I don't remember if I wrote about that...Nobody got in the house, but they reached through the barred windows and grabbed his suitcase and stole some stuff out of there.  But we bought ice cream, and now he feels better.  Love you bro!

Have a good week, 
Elder Burk

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