Monday, September 28, 2015

Zone BBQ not sure what the meat was...

Dad--My companion has about 21 months in the mission.  He's gonna die 5 days after Christmas.  I'm really sorry to hear about Sister Smith passing, that's pretty rough.
I have an interview with my president this coming week.  We get interviews every two cambios, change cycles, idk what they're called in English.  I had to give a spiritual thought in a zone meeting last week and it was pretty hard.  despues de dos anos no voy a poder a hablar engles para crap.
I'm gonna try to write about daily life in a letter to Mom, but I don't have much time.  I'll take a picture of something for next week.
Love you Dad, u da bess.
El Libro azul es verdad.
Amen.  Hallelujah.

Oh, and felicidades that you got some elders in the ward finally.  Best of luck with that.  I've thought  a lot about what the heck I would do as a missionary in Idaho.  If I don't have a cita here in Colombia, I can always walk down the street and get into 1 out of 3 houses, no problem.  But at the same time, there's a reason there's no white sisters here haha.
Love you!  Give the missionaries a high five for me.

Mom--Hey, so, I just wrote you a really great letter about a crazy investigator we had.  I really did... but then the awesome Colombian computer shut down and I lost it.  I'm really sorry, but we have to leave really soon.
I'm sorry to hear about Sister Smith's passing.  I'm really glad our Father has a plan for us.
I hope you enjoyed your trip with your Philly friends.  When I come home, we should go there together!
This week was alright.  I'll rewrite you the letter next week, I promise!  This week, I'll have my first interview with the President in the field.  That's exciting.  And we are definitely stoked for conference!  We are making predictions tomorrow, in our district meeting, about which of the seventy will be chosen as the next apostles.  Winners get snickers!  For zone activity we had a barbecue and watched Toy Story.  I'm not sure what the meat was...but I'm am sure it wasn't cooked all the way... Love you lots!

Zone BBQ not sure what the meat was...

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