Monday, September 14, 2015

We work for the Lord

Tuesday we were waiting outside the door of a less active to see if they were home and a lady walked by on the street and asked if we were Mormons.  Yes we are!  haha  She told us that her family has a lot of problems and her friend told her to go look for the Jehovah Witnesses or The Mormons.  Luckily, she found the Mormons first!

We followed her to her house and she described to us that there has been lots of fighting in her house and she thinks there's bad spirits in her house.  She said that the people who lived in the house before them played that we-gee board game or something and that they did priest craft.

When we got to the house, we found that the husband was smoking and drinking rum.  Both of the sons had problems with beer, rum, illegal drugs, and cigarettes, as well as tea and coffee.  The mom said that they've been having huge fights and it was getting really dangerous in the house.  Then she said, "If you don't believe me, look behind you!"  We turned around to find blood splattered all over the wall.  It was like when you have abstract art day in school, and you splatter the paint with the paintbrush, but with blood.  Yea, so that's not good.  Nope, not good at all.  So, we taught the Word of Wisdom--

We explained directly to the mom, dad, and second son what the Word of Wisdom is, and that they had a problem with this doctrine.  We talked about addictions and spiritual strength.  We promised them that if they could get rid of these addictions that they could have the spirit of the Lord in their house.  The spirit was really strong.  The dad gave us his cigarettes.  It was cool to see them all commit to change and understand what was lacking in their lives.

The second visit, we met with the first son.  He was shirtless, with tattoos all over and a huge scar all up his wrist.  He couldn't move his fingers on one hand because he got hit with a machete.  He had a big drug addiction.  But he understood that he needed to change.  While we were talking with him, the other brother walked by, smoking with cigarettes in his hand, so we sat him down and talked with him too, and took his cigarettes.  The older brother had a really dark countenance--not like normal druggie countenance--like something else was deeply wrong.  You could see the toll that this life had taken on him spiritually.

Before we walked into the house the first time, my companion told me, "I have a bad feeling about this house."  After we met the first son, he said to me, "I'm scared." (In English-haha)

The reason for this story is because of a question a less active member asked us when we used this story as an example of the effects of addictions in the family.  The question was, how were you able to teach the lesson in a place like that?

The answer:  We didn't.  We didn't teach anything.  That's the BEST part about missionary work!  We work for the Lord.  There's NO way that two young men, from different countries, could walk into a man's house, that they've never met before, and tell him to change his life and help his family, then take his cigarettes.  There's NO way we would know what to say or what to do.  We are not therapists or counselors, or rehab experts.  We are not family consultants.  Our job is to have love for these people and open our mouths.  Simple.  When we do our part, God can talk to his children.  When we as missionaries, and when you as members of the church, open your mouths, you are letting God speak to his children and help them.  Help them hear, once again, the plan that God gave us before this life.  You are helping them remember.

When we sat up and looked this family in the eye to tell them God's commandment, and made addiction plans and goals to help each other, the spirit was the one talking.  Not us.  God needs to talk to every child.  But he talks through us.  We simply need to open our mouths.

The blue book is true.

--Elder Mason Burk

Ok, so we wash our clothes in these lavadores, they are kinda like washing machines, but it's really just a big bucket that spins really slow.  
 Next to it is a mini dryer type thing that kinda works ok.  It usually takes us 2 hours every p-day to wash our clothes. 
Elder Cavero reading with so much spirit, his shirt ripped. 
A typical street, with a bonus donkey cart.  
La moharra frita (My Favorite!)

Mason: Hey, Elder Caveros parents didn't write him this week, you should send him a letter real quick (use really simple English)  sergio.cavero (atsimbol)

Mom:  Elder Cavero, We are so glad you are Elder Burk's companion!  What did you do this week?  We are glad he had such a smart, intelligent, good looking trainer.  We were worried that no one would be able to teach him how to do missionary work.
Who did you teach this week?  We want to know how good Elder Burk is doing in his work.  If you write to me in English every week, I will write back to you.
How did you like the American candy?  Tell me which one was your favorite.  I was worried about the chocolate candy making it there without melting.  I hope it turned out ok.  Have a wonderful week!  We pray for you every night.  I hope someday you can come visit us in Idaho.
Lots of love, Sister Burk

Elder Cavero:  "Idont now english ...i love the candys, are delicious . Idon't believe that I be good looking trainer but I now work and elder Burk is good missionary .he will be a leader in the mission later.  I like the skitles but i dont likethe acid skitles.  The chocolate is save because we have freezer ...Ok impleased to meet you .Bye"

Mason: Excellent, Thank you Mom!

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