Thursday, July 9, 2015

Early Morning Farewell

Mason's Tuesday morning departure came too quickly.
We spent all day Monday washing, ironing nad helping Mason pack up his suitcases. It was a whole family affair. 
Monday night, we took Mason out to dinner for his Last Supper. 
At 4:00 am, we all woke up, and helped load the car to take Mason to the airport.  As Mason opened the front door, both of his dogs were on the doorstep looking right at him.  He petted both, then reached down and asked Lizzy, "Will you wait for me dog?"  He smiled, looked up and said, "Mom, she said yes!" 
 We all walked inside with him at the airport to get him checked in.  We paid the over weight fees on the suitcases, as he's stocked with everything for 2 years.
 Then right before security, we all said goodbye, and hugged him until he had to go.
Our final family photo, until we meet again. xoxo

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