Sunday, October 9, 2016

Conferences and Haircuts

Monday October 3rd, 2016

I liked conference this week.  We went to Barranquilla AGAIN.  We’ve gone there every single week this whole transfer.  This week we’re going to travel again.  This week’s training was a special meeting and training for all of the zone and district leaders.  We were trained on how to do baptismal interviews.  We had a lot of questions answered.  We are happy to be home working in our area finally for a couple days in a row.  It’s been amazing.  

Some things I really liked from the conference was:  “People learn when they are ready to, not when you want to teach them.”  “There is no correlation between the depth of a relationship and the probability that they will accept the gospel.”  “Being a Member Missionary is not a program or a job, it is an attitude.”  “what God’s love means to us, depends on how we respond to it.”   “Final judgement is not the sum of good and bad acts on earth, it’s the final affect that these acts had on us.”   “If you were your children’s only connection with God on earth, how much would they know?”  “Minimizing our mistakes,  produces our desire to repent.”   “Jesus can forgive us because  he paid for our sins, but he chooses to forgive us because of his infinite love.”  “Our thanks and gratitude should be kept heavenward.”  “What sin will you bring as a sacrifice to the alter this Sunday?”  “If we love the Savior more, will we suffer less?”  “If we have to compare, then it should only be what we used to be with what we ar now.”  “You don’t need a big sin to have a big repentance.”  “Having joy has nothing to do with the circumstances of our lives, it has everything to do with our attitude about our lives.”  “If the words of the prophets bore you, you don’t understand them, therefore you cannot receive them.”  “The greatest miracles of the world has seen, is not the parting of the Red Sea, or moving of a mountain by faith, but the wonderful change that comes from the heart of those willing to repent.”  “Kindness is the tool God has given us to unlock hard hearts and souls.”  “The way you see a child is the way you will treat him.  The way you treat him is the way he will become.” 

These were some of my favorite lines from the conference.  Many were said directly, some were thoughts I had from the spirit as I was listening to the messages that were given.  Some were things I felt. 

This week we are going to Santa Marta for another Leader’s council.  It should be great. 

Right now we are sitting here in a barber’s shop because my companion is paying for a haircut.  Last week, the AP came to our zone, he was over here for 5 days working out some problems in our zone.  While he was here, we had a pday, and he asked me to cut his hair.  I’ve cut all of my companion’s hair.  But he wanted me to cut his hair in a weird way.  He wanted the sides really short, and the top a little longer.  So I did what he told me to.  When we got done I thought it looked kind of funny, but it was what he wanted, and he’s the AP, so we left it.  But then he went back to Barranquilla, to the Mission Office, and he talked to the President.  And when he walked into the President’s office, he looked at him and said, “No, no, no Elder, you can’t have your hair like that.  No, no, no.”  So he got really embarrassed.  We thought it was actually really funny.  So President made fun of him, and now it’s become a mission joke.  He said, be careful, you don’t know what will happen if Elder Burk cuts your hair.  Ha.  So now my companion, Elder Compos,  is super picky about his hair, pretty much acting like a little girl, so now he doesn’t want me to cut his hair anymore.  So he’s paying for a haircut—can you hear my eyes rolling…what a loser… ha.ha.  I’ve cut all of my compain’s hair, and everyone loved it, saved them so much money, but now Elder Compos has ended my streak.  So this week he’s my loser companion.  Don’t worry, I’m just joking. 

I hope the family is well, and that you all have a great week.
Elder Matos is watching for my package, I’ll let you know when I get it. 
I love you guys,

Elder Burk       

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