Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mission Goal: Stay Alive

Monday June 13, 2016

Elder Selman sent us some very sad looking pictures of Mason.  He's been sick this week.  It's the first time, this whole year, that we have heard about any sickness--and note, it did not come from him...

Hey mom, How's it going.  I'm feeling a little bit under the weather today. But I wanted to tell you about our week, it was super awesome. (This is from a voice recording, and he does not sound very good at all--but he doesn't tell us what's wrong, he just jumps into the description of his week.)
So, being the Mother, I wrote to Sister Searle to check on him for me, make sure he was taking care of himself. 

Dear Sister Searle, 
Elder Burk always sends a voice recording instead of typing--which we appreciate since we hear so much more than we would otherwise.  However, today, he sounded very sick, which is quite unusual for him.  And he hinted at having a high fever.  I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about, but being this far away, I would really appreciate someone checking in on him, to make sure he's ok.  And if he's not, that he's encouraged to get to a doctor.  He usually plays things down, but today I felt like it might be more than that.  So I thought I better write and see if more can be done to help him. *I'm a Mother...you know.  : )

Marilyn Searle

Jun 13
to me
Hi Sister Burk,
Just read your email.  I talked to Elder Burk this morning when we found out he was sick.  He had thrown up a couple of times and had some diarrhea.  I asked very specifically if he had a fever, becasue if they have a fever and diarrhea we get concerned.   He assured me he did not have a fever, so we told him clear liquids today, stay in and to call me if the diarrhea did not stop.   

I just spoke to him again and he assured me he did not have a fever.  He said he had not thrown up any more, and had not had more diarrhea since this morning.  He is weak I can tell, which is normal when they get the stomach flu here.   He and his companion were at a home evening.  I told him I would check on him in the morning.   You are right he does downplay things, which many of our great North Americans do, his companion Elder Selman is that way also.   We will keep and eye on him until we leave.

We have certainly loved getting to know your son, he is wonderful.  I can tell it will be hard for him to have Elder Selman leave and the big group of wonderful North American elders that are in that group.   He will be fine though, and it will give him a chance to develop his leadership in the mission even more.
I will send you an email tomorrow after I talk with Elder Burk and find out how he is feeling.

Hermana Searle

Marilyn Searle

Jun 14
to me
HI Sister Burk,
Just talked to your son, he is feeling much better, still a little weak, but feels like eating, so we will check on him again during the day.  Hope this will put your mind at ease.  Have a good day.
Hermana Searle

Mc Burk roandmich@gmail.com

Jun 14
to Marilyn
Thank you for the update.  We are glad to hear he's doing better. 
He'll be happy when he can get back to work.

Two weeks later, this is all Mason tells me, a brief back and forth via email.  
Mom: How are you???? 
Mas: I'm pretty good. ive gotten sick a couple times on the mission but its just normal. i drug myself up and drink lots of water and im ok. ive never stayed in during a work day. 
Mom: Please define it more. What have you had-for reals: Regular yucky tummy? Flu? Have you had Zeka? Do you have parasites?  Tell me everything
Mas: jajajajja no i just had diariah. it means i ate something bad and then i got it out. 
Mom: Ok, so stick with bottled water and granola bars. Eat smart. Come home alive. Love you. 
Mas: iré y haré!  

I have gone this entire year, not worrying about him at all.  I've had complete peace about his call, and knew that whatever was going to happen was completely out of my hands.  But this week, I had a dream that Mason had called me, and was trying to break the news to me that something was wrong.  I woke up Monday morning, to the email from his companion  Elder Selman, with these very sad and pathetic pictures of Mason.  It was the first time I had a sinking feeling about him being so far away, and unable to do anything to help him.  It was not fun.  

When prayer is all there is to rely on, then that's what you do.  And heaven and I both know there was a lot of praying going on.  I was so grateful Sister Searle was there, and able to communicate with me regarding his welfare.  Let's hope we can go another whole year without any more sickness!

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