Sunday, May 8, 2016

We had Inspired Hunger

Monday, May 2, 2016

This week was pretty interesting.  We started off last Monday, after we wrote home, two returned missionaries came back from Utah and Colorado, Tim House and Tom Cook, to visit their mission.  They visited us and told us about the area, what they have done since the mission, and it was really interesting to talk to them.  It was great to hear how the mission helped them.

Thursday, we woke up and we didn't have any water in our house.  Nothing.  We had no way to shower.  So we decided we would just get dressed and head outside to work anyway.  We left the apartment at our usual time and started working.  At about 4:30 pm, God decided we did need a shower after all.  And the heavens opened, and there was a ton of rain.  He dumped crazy rain on us.  Everywhere we went the roads were filled with water, it was up to our shins.  It came down super hard and really fast. There was no water, then all of a sudden there was a ton, buckets of water everywhere.  Elder Lund decided to be really smart and asked a member for some shampoo.  He started rubbing it in his hair and washing his hair.  So yeah, we did take a shower in the street.  We still had muddy water in our shoes and pants and everywhere, which was not helpful, but it was awesome!

I got a letter from Freddy Torres in La Playa.  He just received the Priesthood and his whole family got baptized!  His wife started to understand the gospel and read the Book of Mormon.  We were so happy for him.

This week there was a big festival, a lot of partying going on, a big music festival, so sadly not very many people came to church.  One less active came.  We met him when we were walking by a bread store on our way to a Family Home Evening.  We had some inspired hunger, so we stopped to eat bread. Once brother named Dido, a less active member of church, was there. He talked to us and said he wanted to come back to church again.  So we went to his house to visit.  His family is are not members.  But he has been coming all by himself and is working to make some good changes to get back on his feet and start doing what he is supposed to do.

We helped some missionaries fix some water issues at their house.  We worked with the owner of the house and the neighbors.

Oh yeah, we did a free cool service project this week.  We were riding in a taxi and it died.  Totally stopped working. We had to push start it.  So we got out of the car and told him we would help him get it started again.  He have a us a weird look and said, "What? How will that work?" Then he said that was embarrassing.  So we got out and told him that if we pushed the car really fast, he could push it into gear and it would start.   So we push it a couple of times and he jams it into gear, and it doesn't work.  So he asks us, what do I do?  Finally Elder Selman goes over, leans in through the window and has to show him how to shift it into 2nd so it will start and keep going.  We're in the middle of a busy intersection, and all these people are watching us.  We were probably quite a spectacle--three white missionaries pushing a taxi.  We told him we would do it again, but when it started to just keep on driving and just leave us behind.  We knew if he stopped to wait for us, it would just die again.  He finally got it, and off he went.  Hopefully he got to wherever he needed to go.

Well, that's about it. Elder Selman says he loves you.  Elder Lund does too.
Hope you guys are great. See you next week.

Elder Burk
This is really gross fruit.  It smells like feet.
Elder Lund thinks it tastes good in juice.

Subject: HELLO, HI !!!!! ELDER BURK! 

Hello Burk Elder Brother.
My pleasure to tell you that today I received the Aaronic priesthood in the office of Priest and Sister Esperanza my family, my wife, and my son Alan Joseph baptized in the Church also on this date.
We are very happy and full of enjoy reminding course as always in the company of Elders, Missionaries Mejia Chaves and those charged with mission beach area, a place that you know inhabit.
We are grateful for your missionary participation in the results of my Baptism and my family because we could finally win the battle against the enemy!
Chaves Elder tells me not to write more, which incidentally is present here accompanied by Elder laughing Mejia has even more enormous laughter.
My family miss you and we renew our affection and gratitude.
Your brother.
Mobile 313 595 5363
Fixed: 3599012
Calle 11 No. 24-05 Urbanización La Playa
Fredy and his family got baptized and he baptized them.
Melissa's husband, Mauricio, got baptize.

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